What is a Professional Organizer anyway?

Ha! You have no idea how many times I've been asked this standing in line at the store with a mountain full of bins in my cart.  Well, in part it is this... A professional organizer is someone who has made a career out of helping people who are too busy, too overwhelmed, too tired, or too stressed to deal with both the physical and mental clutter in their lives.  Many people think "professional organizer" and their mind goes straight to TV shows about hoarding.  Although we do help people with all levels of clutter, our job is so much more than that.  We meet people at their unique need and help them gain control of their lives where they need it.  Think about it, when you're sick where do you go?  To the doctor.  When you need a haircut, where do you go?  To the barber or hair salon.  If you have an issue with your car, where do you go?  You go to a mechanic.  I could go on but I think you get the point. :-)  Well... where do you go when you're frustrated with your home or office but need more than just a maid?  You go to a PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER!  We are your life preserver!  We are your sanity saver! A professional organizer creates order where it's lacking in life, so you can make long-term improvements and keep disorder at bay.  We are life coaches and clutter-beater-backers all in one happy little package!  :-)  

Our Services

Some jobs take one organizer, others take two!  Whatever your service needs, we have you covered.

So let me tell you about these two ladies. They took a trashed garage and made it functional again in 5.5 hours. They took on a massive laundry project ( 7 people family) and made it manageable again. We were completely at ease with them. It’s not easy allowing strangers to touch and go through your stuff. They were respectful, professional and kind. When you need more then a maid, give them a call. They can tackle anything!!!
— A.G.


One Organizer- 2 Hours



One Organizer- 4 hours



One Organizer- 6 hours



Two Organizers- 2 hours



Two Organizers- 4 hours



Two Organizers- 6 hours

*Rates are based on average residential and office jobs. Other rates may apply.

"Reset" Clients-  15% Savings!

Bi-Weekly; Monthly; Quarterly



One Organizer- 2 Hours



One Organizer- 4 hours



One Organizer- 6 hours