So, how does this work anyway?


INITIAL CONTACT with All Sorted Out

  • Every client begins by, you guessed it, contacting us! It always helps when you tell us a little about your organizing needs.  

  • Either Michele or Carrie will reach out to get you started and schedule a date/time for your FREE consultation.

FREE CONSULTATION (up to 60 minutes)

  • At least one organizer, (sometimes both!), will come for the consultation. 

  • This is an opportunity for you to get to know us, learn more about our business, and ask valuable questions. 

  • We will...

    • Tour the space

    • Listen to your needs and sometimes jot down a few notes regarding your job

    • Offer a confidential, "no-judgement-zone" assessment 

    • Evaluate your organizing needs

    • Take photos (this is for project planning purposes only and will NOT be published for advertising without your consent; your personal information is always kept confidential)

    • Provide you with an estimate and review our business practices

    • Finally, select service date(s) and collect a deposit if you are ready to book.


  • Carrie and Michele have a chat!  We discuss your job, needs, and then create a personalized plan to meet your unique organizing needs. 

  • If needed, we will follow-up regarding recommendations we need to discuss prior to your service. We can also provide shopping assistance if needed!


  • We come ready to work!  If you are ready to make decisions, we can do a TON of work in a short amount of time.  However, we work at your pace.  If you need to be more methodical about decision making, we will be right there with you, helping at your speed.  

  • We come prepared with the generic supplies that we estimated for your job, and only use what is needed.  We always try our best to use what you already own first; minimizing additional purchases.

  • Then, we walk through the process!  We work right alongside you, helping clarify what you need to keep, toss, donate, or sell; and set up systems that will help manage the physical and mental clutter in your life.

  • We help dedicate "homes" for what you'd like to keep; create margin where we can; and set-up systems to help manage day-to-day clutter.

  • When needed, we provide furniture placement suggestions for optimal living.

  • Remember, in the end... you're the boss.  You know your home, operations and stuff.  Our goal is that this will be the best thing that has every happened to you! You are hiring us not only for our hands and feet but our knowledge and experience as well. So let us know your thoughts and we will continue to ask clarifying questions until we get it right! 

  • During your service, we will also help haul trash, stage for the next part in the organizing process, and remove any donation items that will fit in our vehicle (only if you say, "Just get this stuff out of my life! I don't care about the tax deduction!").

  • As we begin wrapping up the time, we will keep you informed as to options and next steps. 

  • Finally, we evaluate your project to make sure your goals were met. If another date is needed, we will look at scheduling.  

FOLLOW-UP After Your Service  

  • We want to know how your service went!  Michele or Carrie will send you an e-mail requesting a review.  We would love to hear from you! All Sorted Out was built on a premise that people are far more valuable than things.  We hope that we positively invested a little bit of our lives into yours so that you can live a more fulfilled, enjoyable life. We are so thankful for the opportunity to help you love your home or office again.

  • Don't forget to work the systems. :-) You can do it! However, remember that life isn't perfect. If you have a bad week, just hop back into creating positive habits.  What's that old saying? "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"  Well, do that with your organizing too.  Just keep working toward your goals. Don't give up! 

  • Many of our clients benefit from regular help... and there is no shame in that!  We call these "RESETS".  Have you ever wanted a RESET button?  Well, now you have one!  It's called All Sorted Out!  Life gets busy with jobs, kids, and just plain crazy-life-stuff.  Our professional organizers have your back.  Sign-up for a bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly organizing service.  We swoop in and help you put everything back away... think about it... clothes, toys, dishes, paperwork, general household clutter... AH!   No worries... a 4-6 hour block of time and the RESET button was pushed!  :-)   


We know you won't be able to keep this amazing organizing secret to yourself.

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