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Carrie Harrison
Owner, Organizer 


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Michele Gross
Owner, Organizer


A Little About Us...


Carrie is co-founder of All Sorted Out.  In 2007, she graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in Education from Wayne State University.  Carrie is a creative, natural idea generator.  She takes pride in her work and has great determination when tackling problems.  Her experience in leading projects; teaching others; and inventive problem solving have prepared her for success in the organizing business world.  Her eye and passion for convenient, organized design makes her the perfect choice for your project.  

Carrie is married to her best friend and childhood sweetheart, Jason.  They have two beautiful, full-of-life boys.  They also have an adorable, little white and tan shih tzu named Dudley.  Their family is settled in the Downriver area, nestled among their family, friends and place of worship.    

Carrie's desire to be home for her family and educate her own children has changed her life values immensely. These experiences have built her passion for organized living.  All Sorted Out was created to share those experiences with others.

Michele (Mickey)

Michele is co-founder of All Sorted Out, a professional organizing company serving the metro Detroit area.  She has a passion for seeing spaces and lives revolutionized by organizing and de-cluttering.  Michele has been working with family and friends for almost 3 years, helping them gain control of areas they thought were un-recoverable.  In the past, she has served in many positions, which include establishing 2 Children’s Ministries from the ground up, spending 15 years homeschooling her children, and planning/facilitating many events for family and friends.  Michele will take the time to listen, use her gift of seeing things differently and then translate them into clear, compelling ideas that help you experience life better.

Michele is married to her husband of 27 years and enjoys her very large blended family of 8 kids, 14 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  When she is not organizing someone’s sock drawer, she loves to worship Jesus, cook, bake, play piano, and hang out with the family, near and far.

Find out why our clients love us!


Madison Heights, MI

5 Star Review on Google

I worked with All Sorted Out throughout the summer and fall of 2016 to assist me in purging and organizing my home of 25 years. My long term goal was to be able to move in the next 1-3 years, and I knew I couldn't do it until I tackled the accumulation of 25 years of stuff! Carrie and Michelle are absolutely amazing at what they do. Because my project was so large, and completed over multiple sessions - I REALLY appreciated that they never left me with a half done room or a mess. They have an incredible knack to look at a space, and figure out what can be accomplished in the amount of time at hand, and then they make sure that it is done! They also taught me many organizational techniques which I still use today! At least one storage area in my home was so overwhelming to me that they pep talked me back into the job at hand multiple times that day! As a result of their tremendous help - when we found our dream home much earlier than we anticipated, we were able to move this past April (less than a year after hiring them!) They came out twice to my new home to help me figure out how to organize in some of my new spaces! It was a sad day when we collectively decided that we had accomplished all of my goals, and our year long collaboration was finally concluding! I recommend All Sorted Out to anyone/everyone who is looking for help taking control of their "stuff"!


Canton, MI

5 Star Review on Google

If I could give 10 stars for All Sorted Out, I would. Words cannot describe how much Carrie and Michele have helped me and my family over the past 1.5 years (yes, we've hired them multiple times because they are that awesome).

My husband and I have 2 small kids and have often felt very overwhelmed with the amount of clutter two small children can supply. Carrie has helped me immensely with organizing every room in our house, organizing toys and even helped me come up with an awesome laundry work plan so that I'm not overwhelmed on a weekly basis with the amount of laundry that needs to be done.

My husband and I both work full-time and this service has been invaluable to us. We even hired Carrie and Michele to come out to help us stage our house and de-clutter before we put our house on the market and I'm positive this is one of the reasons why our house sold so fast. We plan on having Carrie come out for a "reset" every 5 weeks or so just because it helps me with my sanity.


Novi, MI

5 Star Review on Facebook

So let me tell you about these two ladies. They took a trashed garage and made it functional again in 5.5 hours. They took on a massive laundry project ( 7 people family) and made it manageable again. We were completely at ease with them. It’s not easy allowing strangers to touch and go through your stuff. They were respectful, professional and kind. When you need more then a maid, give them a call. They can tackle anything!!!


Monroe, MI

6 years ago when my son was a year old he was diagnosed with multiple disabilities. I knew something was different about him, but I really didn't know the extent of things. From that moment on, my world got turned upside down and sideways. I was getting paperwork from every which way... doctors (many doctors), therapy providers, social security, mental health, school, friend of the court, and soon, because I couldn't maintain my job with everything I was dealing with for my son, paperwork from public services and bill collectors as well. I was barely holding my head above water. It's taken me over 6 years to finally get to a point where I was ready to put an end to all the clutter. Last month Michelle (Mickey) came out and helped me organize the clutter of material things in my garage and kitchen. What a huge difference that's was! (Photos posted on this site) But that didn't solve my paperwork hoarding issue. Lol. See, when my son got his diagnosis, I didn't understand much of the paperwork I was receiving or if I needed to keep it, and if so, how long. So when paperwork and bills would come in, I'd throw them into a plastic grocery bag to go over another time and then eventually that bag got thrown into a box (so I wouldn't lose it). Well, over the years those boxes multiplied like bunnies and before I knew it I had boxes in the double digits! By the time Michelle (Mickey) came to help me, I had reduced the amount of boxes to 13 diaper size boxes, 4 medium moving size boxes, and 4 plastic totes (it's hard to tell from the pic, but they're all there). With Michelle's help, we were able to go through ALL the boxes (I touched every single piece of paper), sort garbage, shred and keep, and set up a working filing system within just a few hours, saving me over 8 hours of work, stress and anxiety if I had to do it all on my own, if not more! (I'm sure it would have taken me weeks to do what she and I did in a few hours). Now I have nice organized filing system and my storage in neatly packed away in plastic totes, no more boxes, and they are not even all full. I'm a single parent (actually, I'm an only parent) and I coped the best way I new how in a situation I knew nothing about. There were a few times I thought life was for sure going to pull me under. But I (barely) stayed afloat and made it through. And thankfully I found Michelle and All Sorted Out to help me the rest of the way through. Life is still busy and hectic and my son definitely keeps me on my toes on a daily basis. But being organized again, and being able to find things I know I have (rather than buying them 2-3xs over because I can't find them) has been the best thing I could have done for myself and my sanity. Now, instead or worrying about what I have to get done, I can truly enjoy more time, and be mentally present, with my son. Thank you so much Michelle for everything you have done. I appreciate you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

What a wonderful experience!  I'm "All Sorted Out"!  Thanks!


Detroit, MI

Historic District

Highly recommend! After years & years of not being organized, I called. We worked together, it's amazing, I'm organized & it truly is very easy to stay that way. Who knew!!


Livonia, MI

Hi Carrie and Michelle,  Everyone is amazed at the way my office turned out.  They really like it. They say it seems like it is bigger, lighting is better and of course cleaner.   I have to admit I do like it myself. My parents stopped by right after you left couldn’t believe the difference. I'm looking forward to the regional boss coming in and see what he says. I counted up my hours and what you two have and I figure I have close to 30 hours in the renovation!  I guess after 8 years it adds up.  Thanks again and if you need a reference please have them call me.  thanks


Allen Park, MI

My husband and I are empty nesters and we had a room upstairs that became a catch all. Carrie came and helped me "Sort it Out" and turn it into a usable room. I now can have my  grandkids spend the night. It has been over a year ago and it is still neat and tidy. Thanks   to "All Sorted Out".


Warren, MI

I am a client! So far, the laundry system is totally working. God, what a relief!!!! Also, in 2 days, I sold 6 of my gently loved dresses in a Retro/Vintage clothing resale group, and the  money I made has almost paid for what I paid All Sorted Out. I didn't know how much I needed you guys in my life.


Lincoln Park, MI

I seriously can not express my gratitude to you guys!


Farmington Hills, MI

All Sorted Out: ‪Rockin' out a reset today! Ever wish organizing fairies could come and help completely reset your house?

Response: The fairies came. We worked very hard and now we relax with much less clutter!


Trenton, MI

Amazing what you can do in a few hours!

Thanks All Sorted Out! You girls are amazing

I know I love my new space! It allows me to work and create smarter not harder. Thanks again!!


Clawson, MI

 I'm loving my space too. You guys rock!